Book, Word, Read and Islam

The following are amongst the growing sentiments within contemporary Muslims
1) Books and libraries are no longer as relevant as e-books and other electronic material and therefore will experience the same fate as casettes
2) What we read in books and libraries can be found in the internet, social networking sites and media
To clarrify this, one needs to clarrify the Role of Book, Word, Reading in Islamic civilisation and history of humanity.
In the Sūrah al-ʿAlaq (العلق “The Clot” ) of the Holy Quran, which is the first words uttered to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), words with the following meanings are used : “read”, “taught” and “pen”. To clarrify this, go search for the meanings and wisdom of this surah at the feet of knowledgeable scholars.
Even in the non-Muslim world, the attribute of books is described as following
“a book is obviously not simply a physical thing. It is a living entity. ” – George atiyeh

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